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Pavement-like Performance When Asphalt is Too Costly or Not Up to Task*
December 2022

There are times when asphalt pavement materials simply cannot survive extremely heavy loads. The case studies and the pavement materials testing report provided here include examples where EMC SQUARED Stabilized Aggregate materials show equal or better performance than Hot Mix Asphalt pavement materials in the ability to support extremely heavy loading without suffering permanent deformation. Test results in a nationally respected asphalt pavement materials laboratory confirm that fact.

These state-of-the-art tests help explain how the economical EMC SQUARED Stabilizer treatment converts virgin and recycled aggregates from moisture susceptible and poorly-bound materials into running surface materials that are strengthened, resilient, and water-shedding. Then there are times when funds simply are not available to afford asphalt or concrete pavement, and situations when a stabilized aggregate surfacing costing pennies per square yard, or square meter, rather than dollars, will suffice. A case study available below describes a recently completed project for El Paso Electric where a large outdoor training complex yard for its construction, maintenance and transport crews was surfaced with EMC SQUARED Stabilized Aggregate materials placed on an EMC SQUARED Stabilized Subgrade. This is an excellent example where asphalt pavement was not the most appropriate choice of surfacing.




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