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Haul Road stabilization is one of the types of applications where EMC SQUARED System treatments are exceptional in performance, appropriateness and cost-effectiveness. Contractors can self-install using conventional construction equipment with no need to hire specialty subcontractors and specialized machinery to apply these water-borne stabilizer products. Limited down time for haul roads is required to complete the stabilization application. Soils, aggregates and recycled pavement mixtures stabilized with EMC SQUARED System treatments benefit from the additional compaction of haul truck traffic, becoming denser, stronger and more impermeable surfaces under the continual loading. Haul Roads constructed with EMC SQUARED System stabilizer applications exhibit tightly bound and wear resistant surfaces that reduce dust emissions. If an even higher level of dust control is required, there are a variety of dust palliative products that can be applied with their effectiveness and durability enhanced by placement on a highly stable running surface. Since the EMC SQUARED System products are non-toxic, Neutral pH and environmentally friendly (see U.S. EPA National Estuary Program report on the Tests & White Papers page of this website), they are appropriate for projects in the most environmentally sensitive locations. These stabilized aggregate and soil materials can be removed and recycled for use at other locations without concern in regards to contaminants. EMC SQUARED Stabilized soils used to construct haul roads through farm fields can be returned to agricultural use after sufficient pulverization and grade correction work has been completed.



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