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Project Histories Prove Exceptional Versatility
Vol. 5, No. 6

What is the EMC SQUARED System? Where and How has it been used?...    read more


Engineering Basis Behind Exceptional Performance
Vol. 5, No. 5

Our most recent newsletter featured a case study about a segment of Interstate Highway pavement in New Mexico, designed with its base course and subgrade treated with the innovative EMC SQUARED System liquid stabilizer products. As of 2024 the extended service life of this pavement will be eight times beyond the lifespan of the conventionally designed pavement that it replaced.     read more


Buried Treasure Under Interstate 40 Pavement
Permanence vs Potholes

Vol. 5, No. 4

Interstate 40 (I-40) is a major east-west transcontinental highway running through the southeastern and southwestern portions of the United States from North Carolina to California. Much of the pavement surfacing on I-40 within the states of Arizona and New Mexico is so badly potholed as to create a safety hazard for drivers.     read more


Road Users Endlessly Falling Into Potholes
Vol. 5, No. 3

Just like Alice didn’t expect the Rabbit Hole to be so deep, and found the world underneath the surface to be so puzzling, Road Users and Road Owners wonder why, in this day and age, everybody is still suffering from an epidemic of potholes? WHY? That’s an appropriate question to ask. Manifested first as potholes and cracked pavements, most of these failures are generated by saturation of the base course layers with water.     read more


Characteristics of
The Perfect Base Course
What Are Your Highest Priorities?

Vol. 5, No. 2

Effectively impermeable in highway structural section
Consistently high modulus values under different loading frequencies and in temperatures ranging from below freezing to extremely hot weather

     read more


Pavement-like Performance
When Asphalt is Too Costly or Not Up to Task*

Vol. 5, No. 1

There are times when asphalt pavement materials simply cannot survive extremely heavy loads. The case studies and the pavement materials testing report provided here include examples where EMC SQUARED Stabilized Aggregate materials show equal or better performance than Hot Mix Asphalt pavement materials in the ability to support extremely heavy loading without suffering permanent deformation.     read more


Canadian Success Story - Stabilized Roads Save Lots of Loonies*
Vol. 4, No. 6

With over 400 kilometers of a rural road system being heavily impacted by fleets of trucks servicing oil and gas production wells, a public agency in the Province of Saskatchewan set a high bar for responsible use of public funds.     read more


Divergent Views Between Pavement Designers
and Landfill Engineers

Vol. 4, No. 5

As manufacturers and suppliers of pavement materials and chemical and mechanical products for modifying, stabilizing, and reducing the permeability of soil and aggregate materials, we have had the opportunity over the past four decades to collaborate with engineers servicing the waste containment industry as well as the engineers servicing the highway construction industry.     read more


Make Plans Now to
Counteract Skyrocketing Asphalt and Fuel Costs

Vol. 4, No. 4

With the price on the world market going up by the day for a barrel of oil, it’s no surprise that petroleum-based products are skyrocketing in cost, and no relief is in sight.     read more


Green on 99

Vol. 4, No. 3

A section of freeway in Central California that was known as the Livingston Bypass Project provides an outstanding example of a green product technology solving a highway construction problem that was seriously impacting contractor productivity and delaying the construction schedule.     read more


From the Perspectives of the Heavy Highway Contractor and the Transportation Research Engineer
Vol. 4, No. 2

So much of the attention on the subject of chemical soil stabilization and base course treatment is given to laboratory test data and what the materials engineers have to say on the topic.     read more


How Different Chemical Stabilizers Affect Soil Structure
Vol. 4, No. 1

Old school thinking in the construction of working platforms, roads, and transportation infrastructure projects misleadingly suggests the only option for improving the engineering properties of clay soil materials is with calcium-based chemical soil stabilization, specifically cement, fly ash and lime.     read more


Stabilization – Key to Road & Highway Resiliency
Vol. 3, No. 6

Much of North America is suffering higher frequency of heavy rainfall events. The sad news is that if you can’t keep water out of your road foundations, construction sites and earthwork structures, your infrastructure will fail the resiliency test.     read more


Soil Chemistry Concerns for Road Owners & Builders
Vol. 3, No. 5

Cement and lime soil stabilizers are becoming more commonplace in the construction of road and pavement systems throughout North American. Greater knowledge about problematic soil chemistry, however, can help avoid costly road and pavement failures that can occur when these two calcium-based stabilizers are used inappropriately.    
read more


Expand Your Knowledge & Stretch Your Construction Budget
Vol. 3, No. 4

Assuming that you have accessed one or more of the educational outreach emails from Stabilization Products LLC sent earlier this year, we thought it would be timely to share some of the fundamentals with you of a lowcost stabilization technology that accelerates a natural process converting soils and gravels into more rock-like materials.    
read more


Binding Asphalt Millings And Recycled Pavement Materials At Reduced Cost
Vol. 3, No. 3

Conventional wisdom has it that your choice is limited to just two types of products when it comes to repurposing asphalt millings or treating recycled pavement materials during full depth reclamation (FDR) of failed pavements.    
read more


Resiliency and Winterization - Roads and Construction Sites
Vol. 3, No. 2

While much of North America is currently enduring extreme drought conditions, the subject of winterizing roads and construction sites against rainfall events might seem like a joke to the people living in these areas.    
read more


Opportunity - Stabilization Product Technology
Vol. 3, No. 1

There is a century-old assumption in the civil engineering field that the only reason to even consider chemical stabilization of soils is if you have a “problem soil”, such as a highly expansive clay soil, or a problem with a mudhole that needs to be dried out before road construction can begin.     read more


Soil Stabilization for Airport Bare Earth Erosion Control
Vol. 2, No. 6

There are many different types of applications where a permanent soil stabilization treatment for large areas of exposed bare earth is desirable. Construction sites are one good example as they need dust control and erosion control during the interim between site preparation and construction and then a solid all-weather working platform for building operations.     read more


Building on Solid Ground
Vol. 2, No. 5

There is a fundamental relationship between soil density and soil stability. This makes the engineering controls guiding compaction more important than most people realize. There is no other single treatment that improves stability at such low cost.     read more


Federal Highway Administration Lifts 103 Year Old Ban
Vol. 2, No. 4

After more than thirty years of low-profile introduction to the Civil/Heavy Construction market in North and South America, Stabilization Products LLC would like to inform you of a product technology with a well proven history of stabilizing soil, aggregate and recycled pavement materials.     read more


Concerned About Worsening Weather?
Improve Resiliency of Transportation Infrastructure
& Reduce Impact on Climate Change

Vol. 2, No. 3

read more


Just Add EMC SQUARED® Stabilizer to Your
Compaction Water and See the Results

Fast & Easy Stabilization Process
Vol. 2, No. 2

Believe it or not, a few gallons of EMC Squared® System products added to the compaction water can outperform a ton or more of lime or cement products for stabilizing a highly expansive heavy clay soil, and at a fraction of the cost.     read more


Convergence of Advances in Design, Test Methods
and Stabilization Product Technologies

Vol. 2, No. 1

Pavement designers have been given limited options and the financial resources of project owners held hostage for several decades by design methodologies, laboratory test procedures and stabilizer products, all whose use became standard practice in the middle of the last century, long before the age of computers and computer-aided testing and design programs.     read more


Smooth Ride Is What It’s All About
Stabilized Subgrades Resist Differential Settlement & Prolong Pavement Life
Vol. 1, No. 6

The smoothness and ride quality of a freeway, highway, road or city street is more important than most people realize. Why? In addition to reducing the maintenance costs and improving the fuel mileage of the trucks and cars driving on the pavement, the smooth riding or rough riding behavior of the pavement has everything to do with the number of years before it will require major repairs, or complete removal and replacement.     read more



Necessity is the Mother of Invention — Time for Innovation
Build Better Roads, Lower Construction Costs & Reduce Environmental Impacts
Vol. 1, No. 4

As the COVID-19 Pandemic devastates the financial resources of private industry and public agencies, there is a fundamental choice to be made between two futures...

read more


Change is hard
Eliminate Pavement Cracking
Vol. 1, No. 3

That’s why most of us are reluctant to try something new until we’re either given no other choice, or we figure there just has to be a better way. The best result is when we find an alternative that we wish we had tried earlier.     read more


But We've Always Done It This Way
Vol. 1, No. 2

You don't drive your great-grandfather's car, or use his rotary phone, or play his 78's...

read more



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