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Road Users Endlessly Falling Into Potholes
Vol. 5, No. 3

Just like Alice didn’t expect the Rabbit Hole to be so deep, and found the world underneath the surface to be so puzzling, Road Users and Road Owners wonder why, in this day and age, everybody is still suffering from an epidemic of potholes? WHY? That’s an appropriate question to ask. Manifested first as potholes and cracked pavements, most of these failures are generated by saturation of the base course layers with water. The presence of water in the base course layer unleashes destructive forces that make failing pavements a nightmare for drivers and road maintenance departments. The puzzle for Road Users is why industry professionals seem to accept base failure as inevitable and continue to do the same old thing when building and rebuilding roads, over and over, while expecting a different result. That is the classical definition of insanity, a Rabbit Hole that would make even Alice’s head spin.

Pavement Research Engineers continue to research and tell us we have a problem that needs to be further researched. We beg to differ. The evidence is otherwise. There is an engineering basis behind the statement: THIS IS A SOLVABLE PROBLEM. The failure mechanisms of the moisture and frost susceptible, water-suctioning base course materials can be economically addressed with application of EMC SQUARED® Stabilizer treatments. There is a solid engineering basis behind this solution as confirmed by the results of a testing series conducted in the materials testing laboratory of one of the top transportation research institutions in the world. But even more impressive is the performance of these unique stabilizer products stretching over three decades in service environments magnitudes more challenging than base course layers that are protected from the impacts of traffic and rainfall by asphalt and concrete pavements. EMC SQUARED Stabilized Aggregate materials have performed for years and even decades as running surfaces for logging trucks, oilfield service trucks, farm trucks, mine trucks, and roads for Abrams Battle Tanks and other military tactical equipment. These wear-resistant and water-shedding stabilized aggregate running surfaces were constructed with crushed aggregate materials that were originally moisture and frost susceptible, prior to treatment with EMC SQUARED Stabilizer treatments. That same water-shedding, water-resistant performance can be incorporated as standard practice in the design and construction of base courses for conventional streets, roads and highways. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with EMC SQUARED System stabilizer products. Believe there is a way to get out of this Rabbit Hole.


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