Stabilization of Aggregates: Virgin, Recycled, and Full Depth Reclamation


Stabilization of Virgin Aggregate Materials: Crushed and Pit Run

100+ Miles of Stabilized
Military Supply Route (MSR)
Roads and Tank Trails

Green Technology Road

Successful Treatment
of Frost and Moisture
Susceptible Aggregate in

Tempe Water Treatment
Plant Stabilized Base


The Haul Road to Prudhoe
Bay, Stabilized Aggregate
Running Surface

Stabilized Aggregate Road
Surface Supports Super
Heavy Haul Road

Successful Treatment
of Frost and Moisture
Susceptible Aggregate

Innovative Forest Service
Road Project Using Mobile
Rock Crusher


Winterization of Subdivision Roads

USDI Bureau of Land
Management, Stabilized
Aggregate Running Surface

Unpaved All-Weather Roads

Layer Equivalency Between
Stabilized Aggregate and
Hot Mix Asphalt



Stabilization of Full Depth Reclamation Materials

County Road Department
FDR Project

Arizona Public Works
Department Solves Major
Road Problem

Full Depth Reclamation
Demonstration Project

Comparison of FDR Road
Projects Using EMC
SQUARED Stabilizer with a
Mill and Overlay Project


Stabilization of Recycled Pavement Aggregates

Treatment of Recycled
Pavement Aggregates

Access Road Stablization –
Port of Los Angeles

Stabilized Base Stands
In for Asphalt Parking
Lot for Five Years Without

Total Environmental
Restoration Contract
(TERC) at Fort Ord



Broad Spectrum Applications

Stabilization Technology
for Aggregate, Soil, and
Recycled Pavement Material

City of Gallup Does It All
FDR, Subgrade,
Aggregate and Recycled
Asphalt Pavement (RAP)

Federal Agency Road

Shepherd Avenue
Clovis, California
Subgrade and Base




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